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Our games collection showcases games that have a Science theme linked in some way to the work done by researchers at the University of Oxford and the greater academic community. We have tried to find games for all age groups that promote critical thinking, teamwork and problem solving but are also really fun. We are also developing our own games based on our own research work at the University. Our games are available to play at events around Oxfordshire throughout the year.

In 2019 we are hoping to expand our list as well as add more of our own finalised games.

Researcher Designed Game – These games are in varying degrees of completion but you can help us test play them at our events.

Cleaning Service: by Sean Elias. A game about cleaner wrasse and fish cleaning on a coral reef.

R-nought: by Sean Elias. A game about modelling bacterial disease outbreaks in a farming community.

Microlab: by Sean Elias. A game about how researchers develop and test new vaccines in the lab.

Living in Harmony: by Jessy Phillips. A game of penguins, researchers and seals in the Antarctic.

Drugs Vs Bugs: by Célia Souque. A game about antibiotic resistance. More info and a print and play version below. https://bugsinbangkok.wordpress.com/bugs-vs-drugs/

The Malaria Game: by Cressida Jervis Read. A game about the interplay between humans and malaria and how it shapes society.

Hospital Labyrinth: by Sophie Schauman. A take on the classic Labyrinth move around the hospital and find different imaging equipment such as X Ray  and MRI machines.


Commercial Games – We can’t take credit for these ones but they are fantastic in their own right as examples of science games. I have added a * to my personal favourites which are great examples of easy to pick up and understand games. If you prefer more detailed games with more complex rules and detailed science check out the more advanced games marked with ~.

Biology Games

BiosGenesis: https://www.sierra-madre-games.com/bios-genesis-2nd-edition.html ~

BiosMegafauna: https://www.sierra-madre-games.com/bios-megafauna-2nd-edition.html ~

Evolution: https://www.northstargames.com/products/evolution *

Fungi: https://rulesofplay.co.uk/products/fungi

March of the Ants: http://www.marchoftheants.com/

Photosynthesis: http://www.blueorangegames.com/index.php/games/photosynthesis *

Planet: http://www.blueorangegames.eu/pf/planet/ *

Wingspan: https://stonemaiergames.com/games/wingspan/ *

Biochemistry Games

Cytosis: https://www.geniusgames.org/products/cytosis-a-cell-biology-game ~

Peptide: https://www.geniusgames.org/products/peptide-a-protein-building-game *

Chemistry Games

Chemistry Fluxx: https://www.looneylabs.com/games/chemistry-fluxx

Covalence: https://www.geniusgames.org/products/covalence-a-molecule-building-game

Ion: https://www.geniusgames.org/products/ion-a-compound-building-game

ValencePlus: http://www.scienceninjas.com/valence-plus/

Laboratory Themed Games

Lab Wars: https://www.lab-wars.com/

Panic Lab: https://rulesofplay.co.uk/products/panic-lab

Medical Science Games

Doctor Panic: http://www.docpanic.com/web/doctor-panic-roberto-fraga.php?lang=en

Pandemic: https://www.zmangames.com/en/games/pandemic/ *

Pandemic- The Cure: https://www.zmangames.com/en/products/pandemic-cure/ *

Pathogenesis: http://www.wibaigames.com/content/pathogenesis ~

Plague Inc: https://www.ndemiccreations.com/en/36-plague-inc-board-game

Viral: http://www.arcanewonders.com/game/viral/

Problem Solving Games (for Children)

Dr Eureka: http://www.blueorangegames.com/index.php/games/dr-eureka

Dr Microbe: http://www.blueorangegames.com/index.php/games/dr-microbe

Dr Beaker: http://www.blueorangegames.com/index.php/games/dr-beaker

Space Exploration and Physics Games

Planetarium: https://www.sparkworks.fun/planetarium

Xtronaut: http://xtronaut.com/

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