Board Games @ Oxford Museum of Natural History

Thanks to everyone who attended our series of events at the Oxford Museum of Natural History in August 2019. It was so successful that in collaboration with the museum we have set up a new Board Game Science spin-off at the museum to be held monthly (and possibly bi-monthly in the near future) starting November 9th 2019. All the games will be natural history themed (for ages 5+) and we have linked them to many of the museum’s regular exhibitions, so those animals and dinosaurs in the games can be discovered afterwards. A list of the games available can be found below.

Match a Track: Match the footprints to the correct animal. Im pretty sure there are some footprints outside the museum, who do these belong too?

Little Bug Bingo: Collect all your bugs and yell ‘Bingo’ to win! Find all the bugs after around the museum.

Trivial Pursuit- The World of Dinosaurs: Challenge your dinosaur knowledge with a series of dinosuar questions. I though I knew a lot about dinosaurs but a few of these had me guessing.

Guess Who- Dinosaur Edition: Dinosaur version of the classic. Instead of hair and eye colour, try asking if it has horns, eats meat or has a long neck?

Top Trumps: We have a collection including Creatures of the Deep/Awesome Animals/ Deadliest Predators/ Dinosaurs.

Lord of the Wings: Essentially Bird Top Trumps, with beautiful artwork too.

Where Do I Live?: Find the animals that match your given environment and then discover an explorer to win.

Junior Alpha Animals: Can you name animals that match the letters of the Alphabet? You might also need to make actions and sounds like them to get bonuses.

Evolution- The Beginning: An easier version of Evolution from our classic collection. Evolve to compete against other players and avoid extinction. You can even draw your new species afterward with our picture sheets.

Dinosaur Bones: Find the matching bones of different dinosaurs to make complete skeletons.




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