History of the Earth in Board Games

On Saturday August 18th we will be at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History as part of Operation Earth & and Meet the Experts from 2-4pm.

Operation Earth is a national programme celebrating the science of the natural environment. The project aims to engage and inspire children and their families through exciting hands-on science activities.

We will be there with selection of games celebrating this theme with our History of the Earth in Board Games Exhibit and a selection of biology and environment themed games that you can play with us.

History of the Earth in Board Games

The Earth is quite old, 4.6 Billion years old according to the experts. And we have been around for a tiny amount of that.


A great way to visualise this is to think of the Earth’s History up to this point as a 24 hour day. Humans have exisited for just 77 seconds of that day…. yup not very long at all.


We hope to show you an overview of the first 23 hours 48 minutes and 43 seconds of history in just three Board Games (face it, it has all gone down hill after that).

  1. Planetarium explains the how planets evolve and form and can evolve to become suitable for life (the first 3-4 hours).
  2. Bio:Genesis takes us from the the evolution of the first organic compounds up to Darwinian life (<4am- roughly 9pm)
  3. Bios:Megafauna takes us then from where Bios:Genesis left off from the invasion of land up to just before the emergence of us humans (<9pm-11:58:43pm)


Biology and Environment themed games

If our beloved David Attenborough has taught us anything Earth and the Natural World is awesome and we should do everything we can to protect it. Learning about the inhabitants of our planet is good place to start. We will have a number of games available for you to play with our resident experts on the day to get a taste of what is out there, incluing Evolution, Photsynthesis and March of the Ants. We will also have some uniquely developed by the experts themselves, keep an eye out for tropical fish and Antarctic penguins.

We hope you can join us on the day. Look for us in the main foyer to the right of the main entrance as you enter the museum.



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